Why should I attend puppy school?

The benefits of puppy school for puppy parents
When you adopt a new puppy, you are committing to a shared life with your pooch for the next eight to eighteen years. Starting out the right way gives both you and your puppy the best chance of building a special bond and having a wonderful relationship.

Our puppies need to learn to cope with a very complex humancentric world and unfortunately, behaviour problems are one of the leading causes of young, healthy dogs being rehomed or relinquished to shelters. Having an aggressive dog is stressful for everyone involved and can end up being costly and time consuming. As a responsible pet parent, you should be doing everything you can to equip yourself and your puppy with the skills you need to prevent problems from developing.

Our knowledge of dogs is expanding and changing all the time and therefore attending puppy school will be beneficial no matter your experience with dogs.

Whether you got your new puppy from a shelter, friend, acquaintance or registered breeder; whether you live alone, with a partner, family or friends; whether you live in a house, townhouse or apartment and whether or not you have owned 1 or 100 puppies before this one, learning the most up to date skills to housetrain, feed, entertain, train, exercise and handle your puppy as well as getting the most current information about healthcare and nutrition is vital to having your puppy grow up to be a happy, healthy and well-mannered dog.

Puppy school teaches you how to teach your puppy so that you both benefit.

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