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Puppy School Information
City or Town : Bloemfontein
Suburb : Dan Pienaar
Address : 83 Albrecht Street
Email : [email protected]
Contact Number : 082 928 7574
Our Instructors : Christa Henning
What we offer :

Puppies between 8-16 weeks – Puppy Classic and Puppy Social Butterfly.
Puppy classic – Obedience, obstacle, play, counter conditioning and desensitizing (how to groom your puppy), crate training. Talks about potty training, mouthing, chewing, jumping, feeding, medical care and sterilization.
The Social Butterfly is 4 additional socialisation classes at FetchK9 Service Day care.

Puppies from 18 weeks to 9 months – Step Pup Classic and Step Pup Social Butterfly.
The same as Puppy Classic, but without the Play. The Social butterfly provides you with an option for extra socialisation at Day care.

Dogs from 10 Months and older - Training workshop (3 lessons per month. 3 choices – Provisional/Classic training, Canine Good Citizen and Competition Obedience and Tracking)

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