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Progressive Pups Westrand

Puppy School Information
City or Town : JHB West
Suburb : Roodepoort
Address : 19 Jan Van Rooyen St, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724
Email : [email protected]
Contact Number : 083 267 3766
Our Instructors : Noreen Beytell
What we offer :

- Basic obedience: Focus – look at me, Sit, Down, Stand, Walking on leash, Leave, Recall, Wait, Sit and Down Stay, Self-Control and other basic obedience commands
- Socializing with other puppies – proper socialization is the key to preventing many future behaviour problems.
- Confidence building and body awareness - going through tunnels, walking over bridges, different surfaces, balancing etc.
- Make a trip to the vet a positive experience – learning to handle the vet examination
- Core muscle exercises
- Puppy parents are offered a safe place to learn about their puppies and give professional guidance in raising a puppy – the various stages between puppy and adult dog, Feeding, Potty Training, Bite Inhibition, Digging, Chewing, Jumping up, Lead pulling, Crate Training, Vaccination, Parasite Control, and more
- All lessons are followed up with an email summarising the lesson
- Participants will receive a certificate and rosette on graduation
- Vaccinations are checked before they agree to accept a puppy on the course.

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