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Canine Capers

Puppy School Information
City or Town : Cape Town, Southern Suburbs
Suburb : Hermanus
Address : 10 Grysbok Crescent, Sandbaai, Hermanus
Email :
Contact Number : 083 264 2912
Our Instructors : Louise Botha
What we offer :

Make a wise investment in the future of your dog and enrol him/her in Canine Capers Puppy School in Hermanus. The optimal learning period for a puppy is the 10 weeks from 8 to 18 weeks of age. It is advocated by Onderstepoort that a healthy puppy, having had its first inoculation, has little risk of any associated medical problems.

Dr Louise Botha, who has been involved with puppy socialisation since 2001, now offers animal companion guardians in Hermanus the opportunity to enrol their puppies in a professionally structured 6 week puppy socialisation course, based on the developmental phases of a puppy and positive reinforcement. During the course your puppy is taught:

  • basic obedience skills, and
  • good social behaviour (with other dogs as well as people), and
  • how to deal with various environmental stimuli

Importantly, the course is also about teaching owners how to interact with and understand their puppies’ behaviour.

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