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Intelligent K9 Academy

Puppy School Information
City or Town : Cape Town, Southern Suburbs
Suburb : Newlands
Address : 45 Main Str, Newlands 7700
Email :
Contact Number : 079 675 7685
Our Instructors : Chyanne, Matthew Parker
What we offer :

Puppy class is your introduction to basic obedience. Our pups learn to focus, sit, stay, down, leave the treat, basic recall, basic lead work and socialise on lead and off lead.
Our canine friends will learn to recall, walk on lead without pulling and shadow walk next to you. We still focus on the basic obedience to allow owners time to help keep their furry friends on track with training. Class starts and ends with socialisation.
Private lessons, for the more timid, anxious or unsure canine friend. All breeds older than a year old wanting to go into a class, will need a private lesson to be placed correctly and for the owners that need that little extra help to get their furry kids on the track to being a well rounded canine.
Your canine friend gets the opportunity to simply just be a canine, run, play, catch ball/frisbee, socialise, investigate and train. Owners get to relax while their furry friend has some fun.

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