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Walmer Puppy School and Across the Breeds Dog School

Puppy School Information
City or Town : Port Elizabeth
Suburb : Walmer
Address : 106 Main Rd, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070
Email :
Contact Number : 082 393 5975
Our Instructors : Rita van Zyl
What we offer :

Puppy Classes, 4 week course. Any size or breed puppies younger than 12 weeks old. This course is geared for pups and puppy owners to set their pups up for life in terms of sosialization and habituation. We focus on young puppie's developmental stages and try to set them (and their human parents) up to succeed in life. We focus on socialization and habituation and talk about important need-to-know subjects for puppy parents; like nutrition, dog body language, bite inhabition, brain stimulation, potty training, calming down techniques and teach them a few basic behaviours to start them off.

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