What does my puppy need to go to puppy school?

Puppies of all shapes, sizes and breeds are welcome at puppy school. Although it would be great if your puppy knows their name, they do not need to know how to do anything special. In fact, the only things they need are to be the right age and have a healthy immune system.

Puppy school is designed to benefit puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks of age when they are in a very important stage of development known as the socialisation period. But this is also the age when your puppy still has an unprepared immune system.

It is vital that your puppy has had at least one vaccination before attending puppy school. Read more here

It is also important that your puppy is healthy. Puppies that have a decreased appetite, are lethargic, have diarrhoea, any sort of skin lesions, discharges from the eyes or nose should not attend puppy school and should immediately go to the vet for a check-up.

Puppies can also spread internal parasites like worms or external parasites like fleas to each other, so it is essential that you puppy has been appropriately treated for these parasites to protect them from infecting other puppies or becoming infected themselves.

So if your puppy is the right age, is healthy and has had at least one vaccination, all you need is a pinch of curiosity, a dash of enthusiasm, a cup of dog treats and a waggy puppy dog tail.

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